10 ways to save money on foodSave up to £100 a week and follow these tips on how to save money on your food shopping.


Re-think your Meat

The most popular cuts of meat - like chicken breasts and pork chops - can be the priciest. Try out cheaper cuts of meat such as pork belly, shin of been and chicken thighs. Chicken breasts can cost nearly four times the price of thighs yet taste very similar.

Save on Salads

Ditch the bags of salad leaves and buy whole lettuce. With bags of pre-chopped salad you are paying the high cost for conveniencewhen it takes less than a minute to chop it up yourself! Create your own prepared bags by chopping the leaves and putting them into sandwich bags so you have them ready. Wrap them in damp kitchen towel before putting them into the bags to keep them fresh.

Discover the International Aisle

You can discover great bargains in the world section of the supermarket. Here you can pick up large bags of rice, spices, noodles and pulses for a fraction of the regular cost. If you have a ethnic food shop near you then even better - they are filled with cheap ingredients - both fresh and packed!

Cut out Convenience

Don't pay extra for products that are time-saving and claim to be convenient - it simply isn't worth paying up to twice as much as the alternatives on offer. Swap tins of chopped tomatoes for whole ones, grated cheese for blocks, No-drain tuna for regular and marinated meats for plain versions.

Love Own Brands

Switching to own-brand or value alternatives can cut the cost of your food bill dramatically. You won't be able tell the taste difference with cheap versions of peanut butter, flour, dairy products, pulses and household cleaners. Switch your products to cheaper alternatives and make a note of whether you can tell any difference.

Visit the Market

It's always worth heading down to your local fruit and vegetable market or stall at the end of the day. Stall holders want to get rid of the day's fruit so you could get your 5 a day for a week for less than a fiver - there's always the opportunity to haggle the prices down too!

Experiment with Fish

If you enjoy fish then why not try some cheaper alternatives? Swap your usual salmon and tuna for the much cheaper mackerel, trout, pollock and kippers. They are a great source of nutrients and even the tinned versions taste delicious.

Go to the Corner Shop

Your local store is a hidden trove of bargains - you just need to find them! Items like bread, ginger, peppercorns and herbs are much cheaper than supermarket products. At the end of the day you will find perishables for discount prices - well worth a quick visit on the way home.

Do you have any tips for saving money on your food bill?

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