If you're gluten-free or know someone who is, you'll know that it can have quite the strain on your budget if you want to eat the right things and stay healthy. While many avoid gluten-free due to allergies, some people also opt for gluten-free products as a healthier alternative to traditional food.

Whatever your reason, it can be expensive to purchase gluten-free products, and even more expensive when baking. I've found 7 affordable ways you can enjoy a gluten-free lifestyle and current offers that can help you save some pennies on gluten-free products. I hope you enjoy and find these useful.

1. Cook ahead and freeze

You can cook soups, stews and casseroles for the week and then freeze well in advance with any food. But especially when you're gluten free on a shoestring, these quick and cheap meals include basics like gluten-free pizza and pasta dough. A lot of gluten-free products are already extra prep-prepped which definitely helps. If you cook on a Sunday night and prep you will save time after work and still get to enjoy the gluten-free meals you love.

2. Use your stale bread

As gluten-free products are so expensive, you can't really afford to throw out food can you? Use your stale bread and crackers as well as baking goods to make bread crumbs, croutons, meatballs and more!

3. Take advantage of coupons and freebies

Freebies for gluten-free products are becoming more and more popular, for example, Warburton's latest pharmacy range includes a free gluten-free seeded loaf up for grabs. Gluten-free organisations like Juvela give away free sample boxes when you sign up for their newsletter to receive support and get great advice from others with a gluten-free diagnosis. So you get free food and a great support system, fabulous!

4. Don't just stick to the gluten-free section

The branded Gluten Free section in the supermarkets is so expensive! Instead of relying on overpriced goods, many brands of sauces, sausages, pesto, rice cakes and even chocolate are gluten free, just make sure you check the label before purchasing. If you are extra cautious, try choosing supermarkets like Aldi, which have recently introduced a gluten-free range which is a fraction of the cost compared to other supermarkets and health shops.

5. Buying for everyone vs buying for yourself

If you live in a household that is entirely gluten-free, ingredients like olive oil and almond flour can cost almost half the price in places like Costco than it does in health stores and supermarkets. If it's just you, look online and do your research as you can save so much money online vs buying in the supermarket. If you are by yourself, you can join communities and events like Gluten Free Gathering and Coeliac to get tips from others. 

6. Look out for bulk bins

If you're looking for staples like rice, oats, seeds, etc. keep a look out for bulk or bargain bins in your supermarket. They are so much cheaper than buying branded packaged options. Even products like gluten-free pasta sauces are sometimes on offer and these can be stored in bulk saving you time and money.

7. Get cultural & start baking

Pre-made gluten free cakes, bread and other baked goods are definitely more expensive goods. Try cultural alternatives by visiting your local Asian supermarket and seeking out exciting new flavours like buckwheat, coconut and other alternative nut flours. These can be bought in bulk and can be mixed together to make a delicious treat when you bake from scratch.

Let me know if you have any tips for going gluten-free on a budget, and don't forget to sign up for your Warburtons free seeded loaf !

Sophie xx 


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