An old, crystal vase, an out-dated tea set, a dress that you can't fit your leg into let alone your body - we've all got stuff lying around we don't really need anymore.

BookcaseBut your trash may just be someone else's treasure, and there's never been an easier time to get rid of all your unwanted items.

There's no need to go out, there's not even a need to get up, just open a new tab on your computer screen and get using these sites to turn your trash into cash in an instant:

Try fuss-free selling on Gumtree for large items

One of the most well-known of selling sites, Gumtree has become extremely popular over the last few years, mainly thanks to its fee-free system.

You can sell everything from dogs to plastic glasses on Gumtree, but it is most popular for larger items such as furniture, bikes and vehicles. There is no payment system in place like that on eBay, and with this along with the large size of items,  it's generally used to sell things locally, with the buyer collecting the item rather than it being delivering. This saves on trips to the post office and also allows Gumtree to offer fee-free selling, however does mean you have to be slightly more careful about who you're selling to, especially if you do choose to offer delivery.

It's really easy and straightforward to upload your items, and you can include as little detail or as much as you like. Whether you've got an old rocking chair to get rid of or an outgrown trampoline, you never know which one of your neighbours may be looking for just that and willing to put cash in your pocket to obtain it.

Visit We Buy Books to turn old CDs, DVDs & books into cash 

You may have never heard of We Buy Books, but if you're a music lover, book worm or film fanatic, it's about to become your new best friend.

Offering a platform to sell your used books, DVDs and CDs, it's a super simple service that makes selling easy. You simply scan your products, receive a valuation, ship them free of charge then get paid in cold, hard cash.

We Buy Books claim to have the best prices on the web, and the scanning system removes the need to set up endless listings for your items (and the fees that come along with them).

It's so specialised, it makes selling much easier, saving you time and getting money into your pocket quicker.

Sell everything & anything on eBay

eBay has been around for as long as most of us can remember, and for good reason. The website is so vast that whatever you're looking to sell, chances are you'll find someone interested in buying it. It offers a 'bid' style selling, similar to that of an auction house which is what makes it so unique.

ChairThe process is simple, but much more detailed than that of some of its counterparts. You upload your item, along with several, required specifications, set a starting price and a length of time.

A popular starting price is just 99p, as this attracts attention from your buyers and encourages bids, and the most common listing duration is seven days. Just like in an auction house, listings can go either way, either racking up countless bids or making you a measly 99p, which when you factor in packaging and the trip to the post-office, doesn't seem very worth-while. You'll also get charged a 10% fee on the final selling value, including postage.

There is also a 'Buy It Now' option available, ideal for items that you're not prepared to let go for under a certain price,  but these are less popular and better suited for rarer items.

eBay is great if you're feeling slightly nervous about selling your items online, as the good don't leave your hands until you've recieved payment, and eBay are there to help you if anything does go wrong.

Clear out your closet on Depop

If you're on the go or just want to make selling your clothes easier than ever, Depop is the mobile app for you. It's a platform to sell anything you can find in your closet to fashionistas seeking their new statement piece at a cut-back price.

It's 'clientele' is what makes it stand out from the rest, along with its super-easy design and uploading system. You simply snap your goods, set a price, and it goes online. You can receive messages from potential buyers regarding markdown possibilities and then sell quickly and easily using PayPal. There's 10% taken on all final selling fees, so it's similar to eBay cost wise.

Whether you're a vintage hoarder or high-street-aholic, Depop has a reputation for super trendy stuff, so you'll be sure your closet is shown off to the right people.

Sell big stuff on fee-free Craigslist

Comparable with Gumtree, Craigslist is its rather more dubious and less popular counterpart.

Location is primarily used to find items for sale, so like Gumtree, it's likely you'll be selling to people that live in your vicinity. The focus is mainly on medium-sized items, with homewares and equipment being popular listing categories. To sell your items, you'll either meet in a decided location with a buyer, or they'll come to you - it's a popular selling platform in bigger cities where public transport is easily accessible.

Adverts are free to post  and there's no compulsory information required to start selling. The final selling value is exactly what you'll get in your pocket, as there are no sellers fees at all. One thing to be wary of though are time-wasters, as it's not uncommon for people to decide they no longer want your item without letting you know. You do often tend to feel as if you are 'out there alone' on Craiglist, which is something to bear in mind when choosing it as a platform to sell on,

One thing to be wary of though are time-wasters, as it's not uncommon for people to decide they no longer want your item without letting you know. You do often tend to feel as if you are 'out there alone' on Craiglist, which is something to bear in mind when choosing it as a platform to sell on. As the saying goes, 'time is money'.

Turn trash into cash at Preloved

If you like the way Gumtree works, you may also want to consider Preloved. It works in a very similar way, with no fees charged and non-auction type posts guaranteeing you money.

Similarly to Gumtree, it's best suited for larger items that provide collection, and seller location are usually stated on all ads. It makes selling straightforward, with no hidden charges to worry about. 

However, due to it being bigger items and often requiring pick-up, you may have to wait a little longer for your items to sell.

Get a wardrobe update & make cash at Vinted

ClothesTime for a style update? Vinted, just like Depop, specialises in all things fashion, and offers a platform for you to sell your old wares and buy new ones. 

There are two main differences between Vinted and Depop. Depop is app-only, whereas Vinted is online, so if you prefer to sell on the big screen, this is something that may swing you towards Vinted. Another unique feature  is the 'swapping' facilitiy on the site, which allows you to agree your garment's value with another seller, and swap it for one of their equally priced items - great if you're not just looking to clear out, but also upgrade.

Just like Depop, there are charges to be wary of, including 15% on final seller fees, plus 50p to withdraw money to your bank account.


I hope I've made the online world of selling a little clearer for you. Use this information wisely to make the best choices before you start selling your items. Good luck - I hope you make loads of money!

Sophie xx

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