Enjoy a three course meal for two for as little as £10...

Staying in is the new going out! There are a loads of Valentine's Day Dine in for Two meal deals - some are pretty impressive - and they include:

Asda Valentine's Meal for Two for £10 - get a main course, two delicious sides and a dessert. You can pick from scrummy lank shanks or salmon en croute and tuck into some cheesecake. 

£20 Waitrose Valentine's Meal Deal for Two - For £20 you can enjoy all this:

  • 1 starter
  • 1 side dish
  • 1 main course
  • 1 dessert
  • bottle of wine
  • chocolates

Wow! You get so much for your money with this one. It's really generous and you'll no doubt be full to the brim with all these treats.

£15 Sainsbury's Valentine's Meal for Two with Movie Rental - If you shop online at Sainsbury;s then this one is for you! You can add a lovely main to your cart - including rump steak - two sides, one dessert and a bottle of wine. You'll also get a free movie rental download. 

£20 for Tesco Valentine's Finest Meal Deal - Choose from a list of thirteen Finest mains, 7 sides, 5 desserts and either a bottle of wine or chocolates. This option gives you the most choice from all so there's bound to be something you both like.

£20 M&S Valentine's Dine in for Two Menu - Get a starter, main course, side dish and a bottle of wine for just £20. There is only a choice of three for each food dish but if you go for the most expensive options you could save yourself as much as £16. For an extra £1.50 you can add some Valentine's chocolate hearts to the menu.

£15 Morrisons Valentine's Dine in for Two Menu - Pick up a main course, two side dishes, a dessert and bottle of wine or chocolates for £15. That's a fiver less than M&S and you get more choice. 

Whatever you pick you're guaranteed to have a lovely little feast for two. 


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