Free Bodum BBQ & how to host a BBQ on a budgetPlanning a BBQ this Summer? The majority of us will be dusting off our grills and spending an insane amount of money. With all the pressure of impressing your friends and family, there has to be a cheaper way, right? Right!

Check out my top tips to host a BBQ on a budget and make sure you enter to win a FREE Bodum BBQ Grill to cook your delicious food on.

Invest in the right BBQ, at the right time

Although cheaper may seem better at the time, a BBQ is not an item to skimp on and buying a cheap one now is a completely false economy. Buy yourself a decent quality BBQ during winter months when they're on sale and save money in the long run. NO DISPOSABLE BBQs! They're more likely to fall apart and you can't re-use them.

The pound shop is your friend

Your local pound and bargain shops are your best friends when planning a BBQ. Pick up paper plates, plastic cutlery and napkins for much cheaper than the supermarkets and high street stores. 

Be creative with meat options

When buying in bulk it's ok to buy cheaper mince, sausages and chicken on the bone rather than expensive meats. Display them with extras like cheese, sauces and marinades and no one will know!

Practice makes perfect

So much food is wasted when it gets burnt, check out one of the thousands of video tutorials online and become a grill master before the big day. Make sure you check it out so as to not disappoint your guests.

Don't panic buy

Instead of making a mad dash to the supermarket last minute and buying everything in sight, check what you already have at home. This counts for utensils too, I bet half of you out there have leftovers from last year's BBQ, use them!

Carbs, dips & veggies

Don't ignore the vegetarians attending your party. Make them a nice, cheap dish and load up on carbs and chip and dip. This way, you have to buy less meat (which is often more expensive) and guests won't get hungry or think their eyes are bigger than their bellies and leave half eaten burgers around your back garden.

Bring your own booze & pudding

Don't be embarrassed to ask your guests to contribute by bringing their own booze and desserts. After all, you're cooking a fabulous BBQ feast for them all day!

Have a nice BBQ and let me know if you have any top tips of your own!

Sophie xx

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