Free Shower Gel by Organic SurgeLike free stuff? Get a free Shower Gel at Waitrose.

Get your money back when you buy a £4 promotional "Try Me Free...Love Me Forever" bottle of Organic Surge Meadow Shower Gel from Waitrose.

Just send your receipt and details to the address printed at the bottom of the bottle.  They'll then send you a cheque to refund you the price you paid.

It's a great low-spend freebie as you just need to buy a stamp.

I've tried this free shower gel and it really does smell as lovely as a meadow. It has a blend of essential oils that leave you feeling both cleansed and calm. With plenty of Vitamin E, to moisturise deep down, your skin will feel soft and hydrated too.

6 Reasons why you should try it...

  • Natural and organic shower gel
  • Enriched with  soothing lavender and uplifting geranium
  • Calms, soothes and rebalances ALL skin types
  • Untouched by harsh chemicals
  • Comforting fragrance
  • It's free

Enjoy your free Organic Surge shower gel!