Have you played Catch a Quiche with Higgidy?

Catch a Quiche is a super-fun game from the lovely folk at Higgidy. Just move Camilla and her basket along the bottom the screen and catch picnic items that fall from the sky! Be aware of banana skins and half eaten sandwiches.

There are a load of freebies up for grabs, so get involved today. Prizes include...

  • 50 picnic packs
  • 4,000 Little Quiches
  • 1,000 bags of Steve's Leaves
  • 1,000 packs of Strawberry Urban Fruit
  • 1,000 pots of The Collective yoghurt
  • 1,000 bags of Popchips
  • 1,000 bottles of Fever-Tree Ginger Beer

Enjoy playing Catch a Quiche! See if you can beat my score - so far it's 242...