There's nothing worse than letting good food go to waste, and yet we're all guilty of doing it. Did you know that approximately 18 million tonnes of food end up in landfill? That's shocking!

You want to make every penny count when it comes to maximising your grocery food shopping budget, but how can you do this? Meal planning is so time-consuming I can hear you crying! Well, I have some top tips that I have learnt over the years that can take you straight from leftover loser to mealtime master in no time!

Plan a leftover prep night

At a first glance this sounds boring and time-consuming, but failing to prepare is preparing to fail! Build a weekly leftover night into your meal plan where everyone in your family gets involved and raids the fridge to make something different which the remains in your fridge. Make a huge portion of this mystery meal and then you can save leftovers for lunches and dinners throughout the week by freezing them. This also frees up storage in your fridge for next time you shop. I usually schedule this in for Sunday but whatever day works for you is one step closer to saving time and money.

Repurpose your main course

When you're thinking about what to eat for your main courses throughout the week, think about how you could get the most out of one item. For example, if you buy a whole chicken on Sunday, you could have a roast for dinner that day, and then a Chicken curry on Monday, and even a chicken sandwich on Tuesday if it stretches that far (depending on the size of your family). This will also help you shop wiser as a whole chicken is more likely to be cheaper than a few packs of chicken breasts, and you can stock up on items like rice, potatoes and sauce so you always have options, perfect!


Invest in decent reusable containers

Yes, those food container boxes on offer in your local bargain store look like a great deal, but if they fall apart or start to crack after one use, it's potentially one of the worse false economies that we convince ourselves makes sense when buying kitchen items. Invest in a well-known brand like Sistema. They produce strong reusable containers that you also survive when you heat up food in the microwave, amazing! They are also dishwasher safe, so are definitely worth a splurge.

Label items & place them at the front

Raise your hand if you've labelled food with dates and stuck it behind large packs of food and bottles in your fridge/freezer? Guilty! It's so easy to do but it's such a waste. Make sure you label all food properly and store it in site so when you open the fridge you notice them and know when they're close to expiring. Also, make a conscious effort to clean your fridge out every week, just to help you figure out what you have (and what that awful smell is!) yuck!

Get in touch with your top tips! 

Sophie xx

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