keep warmIt's going to be freezing this weekend! Here are some tips on how to stay warm, without turning the heat up...

1. Layer Up - wear multiple light layers instead of one thick jumper. This will keep you well insulated and hot more than anything!

2. Keep Moving - Don't stay static on the sofa! Keep warm by keeping active, that could include anything from light exercise to ho0vering.

3. Shut Doors - Keep draughts out by closing all doors where possible and if you can still feel cold air coming through then use an old towel as a draught excluder.

4. Tuck in Curtains - Don't forget to close your curtains as soon as the sun sets and make sure you tuck behind radiators to keep the heat in.

5. Sip Hot Soup - Keep warm and enjoy a warming hot chocolate or soup. This will instantly help you feel warmer!

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