Top ten money saving beauty tipsSave money, grab some free stuff and make the most of your beauty products with these money-saving beauty tips.

  • When you get to the bottom of your perfume bottle and it won't spray out anymore, pour it into an unscented body lotion for a free scented moisturiser
  • If you bathroom cabinet is stuffed with products you don't use, have a beauty swap party with friends and everyone will pick up some free stuff
  • Save money by limiting your pricey body scrub for a once-a-week treat and lightly massaging skin with a damp flannel or body brush instead
  • Get a free lip pumper by raiding your kitchen cupboard. Cinnamon oil is a lot cheaper and has the same pout-boosting effect
  • Most women use too much shampoo and conditioner which not only wastes money but make hair greasier quicker. Save money by rationing out products and decanting them into mini sized bottles for the week
  • Make your own free lipgloss by chopping any unwanted lipsticks into pieces and melting in the microwave. Pour into a tin, refrigerate to cool and there you go- a new free lipgloss!
  • Save money by replacing expensive facials with a DIY version. Steam your face, place pore strips on your skin to lift any dirt. Then cleanse, apply a face mask and finish with moisturiser
  • Keep your razors in good nick by rinsing them with cold water. Wipe the blade with a towel and keep in a cupboard to avoid rust
  • Want a free shaving foam? Hair conditioner will have the same moisturising effect, you don't need to use as much and it actually gives a smoother shave!
  • For a free spot zapping treatment crush an aspirin and mix with water to create a paste. Apply to blemishes before bed and when you awake both the swelling and redness will have reduced

Have you got any good money-saving beauty tips or tricks? Share them by leaving a comment.

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