Which face shape do you have?

hairstyle guide

Round Face

  • Avoid a short blunt fringe, it will only emphasise your round face. A long fringe will look great and especially suit fine hair.
  • If you have medium to long curly hair, ask for choppy layers through the back and bottom. If you have straight hair, lengthen your face with longer pieces of hair that fall around your face.

Square Face

  • If you have straight hair, you are able to have a long fringe that is layered at the sides.
  • Curly-haired people can have textured layers to soften strong features.
  • Fine hair? Get a long straight cut which is flattering for a wide jaw.

Heart-Shaped Face

  • Avoid top-heavy cuts and go for a short bob shape or if you have thick long hair, ask for soft layers to soften your chin area.
  • Choose a style that will create volume around the bottom of your face. If you have curly hair, keep them soft and loose.


  • The oval face is great for any hairstyle. The only thing to avoid is hairstyles which cover up features or add weight to your face.
  • If you fancy a colour change, ask your hairdresser about low lighting around the hair to help accentuate your oval shape.


  • If you have a long forehead, disguise it with a thick blunt-cut fringe. Avoid too much hair length, your hair face will look even longer.
  • Long fine hair? Go shorter so the hair looks thicker and your face, wider. If you hair is thick, try a short razor cut, full of texture.