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Why do companies like to give away free stuff?

Ever sidled up to the man in the supermarket giving away free samples of chocolate cake - then worn a hat as a disguise in order to bag yourself another slice? Everyone loves free stuff, and companies know that giving you a taste of their merchandise may just mean that you'll snaffle it up on the spot, or next time you see it.

Why hasn't my free stuff arrived?

Sometimes, (and believe me, we weep for you), freebie campaigns can take a long time. This completely depends on the company that is sending them out, and how many free samples they are giving away. FreeStuffWorld does not stock any freebies - we couldn't fit them in the office - so we have no control over when you will get your goodies, sorry about that!

If I sign up to your newsletter will you spam me?

This is important - your details will never be passed onto any person or company when you sign up for our newsletter. Here are some helpful tips for you when applying for freebies:

  • Consider setting up a secondary e-mail account for offers and freebies. This will keep your main inbox clear, and also you'll be able to quickly see if any of the companies are giving away new freebies and offers in the future.
  • Keep an eye on the Terms & Conditions and consider checking or un-checking certain boxes that may result in unwanted e-mails.

How do I unsubscribe?

I don't know why you'd want to leave us, but in the unlikely event that you do, please scroll down to the bottom of your e-mail and click Unsubscribe. Please bear in mind that in doing so you will no longer receive any new fantastic freebies, offers and money-saving ideas that we wanted to share with you.

How long have you been running?

FreeStuffWorld was born in May 2010. Since then, this UK website has shown you how to get loads of free stuff, competitions and offers from all over the web - and we... erm... may have had a face lift in 2013.

How do you find free stuff, competitions and offers?

FreeStuffWorld has a dedicated team of pretty red jazz-loving squirrels, typing from the safety of their tree-houses, snacking on a stack of nuts.

Only joking, we have a team of dedicated money-saving enthusiasts hell-bent on finding all the latest free stuff, competitions and offers available on the web. If you've found anything that you think we would love to put on our website, please contact us.

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