Wowee! You guys are in for a treat today. Sizzling Pubs are giving away a whopping £5 FREE Voucher for your next visit to one of the nation's favourite pub chains.

To claim your free voucher:

  1. Head on over to their website via the link below
  2. Enter your details on the form and download your voucher
  3. Take your voucher with you on your next visit

Mmm they serve up some absolutely delicious pub classics, including:

  • A range of pies
  • Fish and chips
  • An all day fry up
  • and more!

Sounds yummy! You can also get a round in if you're feeling super generous. I can't wait to redeem mine on my next trip to a Sizzling Pub. Find yours on the website. Enjoy! 

Unfortunately, the offer you were looking for has now expired. Sorry!