Ooooh I love a good kitchen freebie! Chef Remi's giving a select few the chance to try out this fab apple slicer for FREE...

Here's all you need to know about this super useful freebie:

  • This razor sharp apple slicer will make light work of chopping - meaning you can tuck into your food faster!
  • PLUS it removes the apple core - meaning you don't need to worry about eating around the yucky pips
  • The handles are made from a soft rubber, meaning it's nice & easy to hold
  • The wide diameter means that you can even slice up pears and larger fruits


  1. Follow my steps to be in with a chance of receiving this freebie:
  2. Click the button below
  3. Give their page a like to show your support
  4. Send them a private message to show your interest - then follow the steps from there!