There's another great freebie over on the Shopmium app - get claiming your FREE bar of Doisy&Dam Chocolate!

Yum yum! I just love a foodie freebie, especially when it's a tasty chocolate one. Doisy&Dam is made from ethically sourced cocoa, which in my opinion makes it taste all the more delicious.

To get your free bar:

  1. Download the Shopmium app onto your smartphone
  2. You then need to purchase the qualifying product from a qualifying store (you can find these choc bars in the queue point in Sainsbury's Locals)
  3. Scan the product barcode
  4. Snap a pic of the receipt and upload to the app

The cost of the bar will then be returned to your bank account making this a freebie. Hurry, this one won't be around forever...


Unfortunately, the offer you were looking for has now expired. Sorry!