Talk Health has got an awesome Support Programme running at the moment called Eczemachild, which could be of huge interest if you care for a child or teen who suffers from the skin condition.

As part of the campaign, Talk Health will give away 100 samples of Epaderm and Epaderm Junior, a cream that brings relief from the itchy, sore skin that is often caused by eczema.

As well as the potential to get your hands on a freebie, the programme itself actually gives you access to so many useful resources. You'll get 12 weeks of email material around the subject plus some fab stories aimed at helping little ones understand and cope with the condition.

Subjects you'll receive info on include:

  • Preparing for school or nursery
  • Emollient advice
  • How to recognise eczema triggers
  • Types of eczema

How to you apply?

  1. Click our button below
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Submit your entry


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