If you're in need of a break, grab some 'Getaway Goodies' with KitKat's new competition. All the prizes are themed around holidays and here's what you could get your hands on!

Prizes available:

  • 1,140 cool bags
  • 1,140 wash bags
  • 1,425 luggage straps
  • 855 passport covers
  • 570 sun visors
  • 570 beach towels

What's more, 10 super lucky winners will get a holiday worth £8,000 - some of the destinations up for grabs include Bali, California, Dubai, Miami, Orlando or Thailand. Check the insides of your KitKat wrappers to see if they contain one of the winning inserts.

How to enter:

  1. Buy yourself a promotional pack of KitKat 
  2. Make sure you keep your wrapper
  3. Click the button below
  4. Type in the unique 12-character code from the inside of your KitKat wrapper

Good luck!

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