OMG A FREE DOUGHNUT! Krispy Kreme is giving away a free doughnut for everyone who signs up to their newsletter and becomes their friend!

Here is why Krispy Kreme is awesome:

  • They produce the tastiest doughnuts in all the land!
  • They are giving away free doughnuts, I'll be their friend!
  • You can pick one up from Tesco, a Krispy Kreme shop, service station, pretty much anywhere...

Here is how you get your mitts on a freebie:

  1. Follow the link and give them a few quick details (you can't be friends if they don't even know your name!) 
  2. They send you a voucher, which you can print off 
  3. Redeem it at your choice of location

Enjoy! I'm off to claim mine now, yum...


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