Kids! Loughborough Univeristy are giving away FREE Mathscards to A-level students to help them revise. I know, they might not seem incredibly exciting at first glance, but here's why they are weirdly wonderful:

  • The Mathscard is a compact credit-card sized information sheet that folds out to reveal an incredible amount of maths formulae for both school and revision use (roughly A4 in size). What a wonderful AND educational freebie
  • A-level students can now take advantage of this handy card to access key information to assist with their revision
  • The pocket size freebie means they can study both at home or on the go. The card is used by 75% of schools and colleges across the UK and has had over 250,000 downloads worldwide
  • The university are one of the top UK 13 league table universities and offer a wide range of maths courses.

To claim yours now:

  1. Follow the link
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Get your Mathscard in the post

Happy studying!