These look adorable! Pritt Stick are giving away a whopping 2,400 FREE Soft Toys! Choose from a range of cool characters, including:

  • Miss Pritt Superhero
  • Mr Pritt Superhero
  • Mr Elastic 
  • Mr Strong
  • Mr Fast

Which one will you go for? I've chosen Miss Pritt Superhero, obvs - girl power and all that! You better be quick, these will go super rapid! To claim yours:

  1. Click over to Pritt Stick's competition page now
  2. Enter your details and hit SUBMIT
  3. Cross your fingers and toes you've scored one

Eek! I can't contain my excitement, these look so cute and fun! Anyone can enter, it's not just for kids - or so I keep telling myself! Don't miss out folks, claim your free soft toy today. 

Unfortunately, the offer you were looking for has now expired. Sorry!

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Free Weetabix Soft Toy

Check these guys out! Weetabix are giving away a whopping 2,000 FREE Weetabuddies soft toys - so cute! 

To get yours:

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  2. Upload a photo of your very own weetabudy 
  3. They'll send you one out in the post if you're a winner!

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