I love eating duck. Do you? If you do, I've got some delicious news for you, Gressingham are giving away a free recipe booklet! It comes in e-book style, or you can be sent a copy in the post. To get this spiffing freebie:

  1. Visit the page linked
  2. Pick 'Request e-booklet' or 'Request hard copy'
  3. Fill out your details so they know where to send your freebie

Here's why you should sign up to Grressingham:

  • They're the remarkable duck people!
  • You'll get tasty recipes or varying degrees of difficulty
  •  Hear about the least news from the food world
  • Learn exciting tips and tricks to help you cook

There are so many reasons to sign - (definitely a freebie is a great pull) s why not do it today?