There's nothing like a good Life Hack to brighten your day. Check out our top 5 right now!

1. Your fridge + chalkboard paint = serious fun


Not only is this Life Hack great for kids, it's great for adults too. Get ready to enjoy questionable doodles, endless games of hangman and useful shopping lists.

2. Make a hidden charging station

Charging electrical items is both boring to see AND do, so hide the whole thing away in a draw! Phew - this is great in the kitchen or bedroom.

3. Organise your tops The Right Way

As soon as I saw this Life Hack, I was amazed. Now I can look at my drawer of tops and find a top with ease, instead of pulling each one out resulting in a horrible mess every day.

4. Keep wires from falling

Great for the home office, this is the perfect Life Hack for the IT workers. Grab a few bulldog clips and fix them to the side of your desk - hurrah, you won't lose the wire down the back of your desk EVER AGAIN!

5. Make The PERFECT Bacon Sandwich

Sandwich fans will already know that the key to a perfect bacon sandwich is keeping one side soft. Never mess around with a grill again by sticking 2 pieces of toast in at once! And there you have it - crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside.

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