Want to know how to holiday for free? With a little imagination and an open mind you could enjoy a foreign adventure for next to nothing.

1. Clock up Avios points - Free long-haul flights

Collect Avios points on your everyday shopping and you could build up enough to pay for a free holiday. There are many different ways to collect. You could earn as much as 3 points per £1 when you spend on credit cards, fuel and groceries using your Shell Loyalty or Tesco Clubcard.

It’s even possible to earn points when you’re online shopping at John Lewis, M&S and Argos. We’ve used their Avios Calculator and worked out the average household could earn a free holiday to Egypt after just one year of collecting.

Find out more:
Avios - www.avios.com

2. Surf that sofa - Totally free accommodation

If you like to meet new people and prefer home comforts to a sterile identikit hotel room then sign up to CouchSurfing or Tripping. Sofa surfing is an entirely free way to stay that also gives you the opportunity to see the world as a local. 

Just enter your details, choose where you want to go and search through a community of people willing to let you crash on their sofa for free. That’s right – FREE! Many generous souls even offer a bed in your own room. With accommodation often exceeding travel fare costs you could save hundreds of pounds. 

Find out more:
CouchSurfing - www.couchsurfing.org
Tripping - www.tripping.com

3. Cruise in a car share - Travel across the world for free

Beat the tax increase on flights and avoid extortionate train fares by travelling by car. Road trips are enjoying something of a revival so join the adventure and holiday for free. Some people ask you to chip in for petrol but find a spare seat in a car going your way and it’s possible to travel city to city around the world for nothing. 

It’s not as random as the traditional hitch hike as you can communicate with your car share pals before you head off. Simply search through reputable sites like LiftShare or FreeWheelers to find journeys and like-minded travellers.

Find out more:
LiftShare - www.liftshare.com/uk
FreeWheelers - www.freewheelers.com

4. Swap your house - Enjoy a free villa

Budget won’t quite stretch to a holiday? We hear you. Exchange your house with another family and enjoy a holiday home for free. Homelink International and Love Home Swap offer you the opportunity to search through properties and swap your living accommodation for another - anywhere in the world. 

Find compatible people who can offer little added extras that can save you time and money. For example, you could benefit from free car use and all those kids essentials like prams and toys –saving you the hassle of lugging over your own. 

Find out more:
Homelink International - www.homelink.org.uk
Love Home Swap - www.lovehomeswap.com

5. Free Festivals - Get free tickets, camping passes and shower facilities

Can’t afford to head to a festival this summer? Don’t get left behind, sign up to work at a festival where in return for some stewarding and litter picking you could enjoy a festival for free. 

You’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the acts and better still you’ll get to stay in an exclusive staff camp site which means less noise, cleaner toilets and shower facilities! Sign up to Oxfam’s Stewarding Scheme to enjoy Reading, Bestival, Latitude and more for free. A deposit will be required but you’ll receive this back once the festival is over.

Find out more:
Oxfam Stewarding Scheme - www.oxfam.org.uk/Stewarding

6. House sit - Stay in free luxury accommodation

Live in someone’s home whilst they are away and you could have the chance to stay in total luxury for free. People across the world, who travel frequently, are looking for house sitters to deter burglars and squatters.

Often your job will be just to keep their home clean and tidy, water the plants, pick up post and perhaps look after a pet. In return you’ll get to enjoy their home for free. You never know, you could be staying in a penthouse apartment in New York or a villa in the South of France! Sign up to a trusted website like Trusted House Sitters or Luxury House Sitting to get a free holiday. 

Find out more:
Trusted House Sitters - www.trustedhousesitters.com
Luxury House Sitting - www.luxuryhousesitting.com

7. Discover Wwoofing - Help the planet

Enjoy a free stay at a farm anywhere in the world. If you’re not afraid of a little hard work and are willing to embrace a totally new culture then sign up to Wwoof. It stands for ‘World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms’ and does exactly what it says on the tin. 

Wwoof organises free volunteer holidays to help people learn about organic growing and experience sustainable living. No money exchanges hands at any farm as you’ll receive free food and accommodation. There are hundreds of farms around the globe taking part in Wwoofing from Canada and Kenya to Iceland and India – just take your pick and look forward to an unforgettable free holiday!

Find out more:
Wwoofing - www.wwoof.org.uk

8. Find a Bothie - Stay in a holiday cottage for free

Get away from it all with a free stay in a bothie – a remote mountain hut – in Scotland, Wales or the north of England. You’ll be getting back to basics as these traditional stone houses just have sleeping platforms and fireplaces.

If you enjoy camping then this is a great way to cut costs and it’s cosier than a tent! You don’t have to sign up –just turn up and be prepared to share you bothie if more guests arrive. Visit Mountain Bothies for a list of locations. 

Find out more:
Mountain Bothies - www.mountainbothies.org.uk

9. Volunteer your time - Enjoy a free once in a lifetime trip

Love the great outdoors? Escape the rat race and enjoy a rewarding experience by signing up for a free volunteer holiday. From building homes and schools in South America to caring for animals at a nature reserve in Africa -the opportunities are endless!

You can look forward to a totally free stay including food. Many companies charge you to volunteer but avoid falling into this money-making trap. There are sites like Ecoteer that still organise volunteering holidays in the only way it should be - for free!

Find out more:
Ecoteer - www.ecoteer.com

10. Stay at home - Camp in your garden

Got a garden? If you're on a shoestring budget then simply round up your friends and family, pitch up a tent in your garden and get a campfire going. With some snacks, drinks and good conversation you can easily get into the holiday spirit for free. 

If you've got a couple of quid spare then why not travel further afield? Camp in my Garden offer private gardens as micro camping sites for as little as £5 a night. Some are even FREE! They advertise sites all over the world, just choose a city or countryside location as near or far as you want. Some garden sites even offer free shower and toilet facilities, as well as free WiFi. There are hundreds of garden owners waiting to welcome you into their garden so what are you waiting for? Check it out today and holiday for free. 

Find out more:
Campinmygarden - www.campinmygarden.com